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Stonedeaf Wildlife is a volunteer based charitable organisation based in
Townsville, North Queensland.

We are dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation and release of flying foxes and microbats. We cover an area from Ingham to Ayr and west to Charters Towers. Our mission is to educate and eradicate urban myths regarding the ecological importance of these beloved species.

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What We Do

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Stonedeaf Wildlife Townsville provides a dedicated rescue service for bats in need across the North Queensland region. Based in Townsville, Stonedeaf Wildlife has vaccinated rescuers who will travel the coast from Ingham to Ayr and west to Charters Towers. Stonedeaf Wildlife can be contacted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week when a bat is in need of assistance.


Working under the Queensland Government, Department of Environment’s - Code of Practice: Care of Sick, Injured or Orphaned Protected Animals in Queensland Nature Conservation Act 1992, Stonedeaf Wildlife has successfully rehabilitated 100+ animals over a range of species.


Stonedeaf Wildlife has proudly released 100+ animals who have successfully been rescued and rehabilitated by our carers, to continue on in their important ecological roles for our environment.

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Why Bats Are Important

Flying foxes are a Keystone species, this means that the entire ecosystem would be different or cease to exist without them. In this case, our beloved flying fox are excellent pollinators and seed dispersers, helping to ensure the health, regeneration and genetic diversity of our Australian forests and hardwood trees.

Flying foxes naturally feed off of the pollen and nectar from blossoms and the fruits of rain forest trees. Many of the trees flying foxes feed from are only receptive to pollination at night, the birds and the bees are asleep, and the flying foxes are hard at work as they travel across our beautiful landscape.

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Support Us

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